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Who is the Guru?


Guru Guitars was started in early 2008 by Howard Critcher and Eugene Reinert. Our mission is to run a store that offers the highest quality service available along with honesty and trust. We care deeply and have a vested interest in the Raleigh music community. Guitars are our love. We hope to share our passion for the instrument with everyone who visits the store.  Please take a look at our custom guitar sites below. We also have a selection of our hand made guitars at the shop.

Critcher Guitars

Howard Critcher builds fine acoustic and electric guitars. They are clean, stunning and ring with clarity. I have had the pleasure of playing them on multiple occasions and they always sound fantastic. They are all hand made in Raleigh, NC.

Rhino Guitars

Eugene Reinert builds high quality custom electric and acoustic guitars. They are made using unique combinations of wood and have a fresh look and sound. The pickups are hand wound custom for every guitar. Rhinos sound great, play great and look great. They are all hand made in Raleigh, NC.

Zech Thompson

Zech joined the team in 2016. He graduated from Galloup School of Lutherie where he completed the Masters Program. During his time there he built 4 guitars, including an acoustic archtop. Zech is a great addition to Guru Guitars and we are excited to have him here.

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