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Guru Pickups


Pickups are the heart of an electric guitar.  They have the power to shape your sound and bring a guitar to life.  I've developed a set for each of the classic pickup combinations.  I wind them all by hand using the highest quality materials.  I charge the magnets, assemble everything, and wax pot them just enough to remove the microphonic feedback without sacrificing the lively quality that makes them sound great.


Thanks for playing,

Eugene Reinert


I wind many other sets than the ones listed below which are our signature Guru Pickup Sets.


Guru Strat Set    $210

This set is unique in many ways.  I use a unique combination of Alnico magnets which helps balance out the response.  The neck pickup is standard output, while the middle pickup is slightly hotter than normal.  The bridge pickup is wound using a different gauge wire than the neck and middle, and is much beefier than a standard strat bridge pickup.  Overall this set  is fatter and more well suited to a variety of playing styles.  Middle pickup is RWRP for hum canceling in positions two and four.


Guru P-90 Set (G-90/E-90)   $200

I use Alnico V magnets for this set with 42 gauge wire to bring out the true P-90 clarity and crunch that they are known for.  The neck pickup is full and clear with a medium output.  The bass response is balanced so that the pickup has clarity without sounding thin or brittle.  The bridge pickup has classic midrange response with enough output to drive an amp into overdrive without being too overwound or "hot".  Hum-canceling in center position.


Guru Humbuckers (GAF)   $220 Uncovered   $240 Covered

These pickups are not as hot as the modern humbuckers are today.  The magnets are Alnico, charged to give a tone that is like a PAF.  The neck pickup has slightly tighter bass which allows for more balance and clarity when overdrive is used, and clear comping when playing clean.  The bridge pickup is rich and responsive producing tones that are usable for any style except metal.


Guru Tele Set    $200

The neck pickup uses oversized diameter Alnico magnets and is modeled after the first Telecaster pickups with some of my own modifications to coil dimension and wire to help give players the best of both vintage and modern tones. The bridge uses standard Alnico magnets and is wound a little hot so you can drive your amp slightly harder and get a bit more kick out of your Tele.


Guru Mini-Humbucker Set    $230

These are wound with the classic vibe in mind but have a few modern twists.  They go from spanky cleans to singing overdrive with ease and can be used in virtually limitless ways.  For this set I have a special winding pattern which I've developed over the years to use with ceramic magnets.   Neck and Bridge are constructed the same with the bridge having slightly more output.  These will fit in any guitar with standard P-90's!



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