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Partscasters    $1050-$1250


A lot of people are putting parts guitars together at the moment; some are good, some are not.  We decided to offer this service because we can offer a slightly custom guitar without having to charge an arm and a leg.  We get our licensed fender bodies and necks from ALLPARTS.  We do not just throw the parts together and give you a guitar.  We put as much care into these as our custom guitars.   A common misconception in the parts guitar world is that all you have to do is order the parts and put it together.  But the truth is it's much more than that.  Every neck and body combination poses new challenges that must be met with knowledge and experience and that's what we bring to the table.  We are currently offering our custom pickups for these as well.  Here are some of our partscasters.

82nd Airborne Telecaster    


Jazzmaster Jr.    

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